Kavin Du

What would you tell others about working here?

If you enjoy working in a start-up like environment but with the backing of a big company, Audible is the perfect place for you. Here, there’s no need to worry about all the infrastructure, you can just focus on doing your day to day work of building stuff. And Audible is small enough that you can make a huge impact.

Tell us about your Audible workspace

My current desk is right next to the narrators. From time to time we see Alan Cumming or Neil Gaiman walking around and we usually say hi to them. When they’re recording, every once in a while they’ll come up and yell at us for being too loud, so now we keep a scoreboard on how many times we get yelled at by narrators, we’re at twelve now.

Video of Kavin

Kavin talks about why he chose Audible
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