Kevin Lester

Why I chose Audible

Everyone I talked to at other places had been working on projects for months, if not years. At Audible, a lot of the projects that were being worked on had people completing them in much shorter timeframes, which meant they were much more agile, which meant there was a lot more opportunity to work on various projects. And that’s what drove my decision to be here.

Working at Audible

The fact that a lot of our infrastructure is housed at Amazon means that we have a lot of development accelerators that enable us to do just the innovative parts of the work. You don’t have to do all the plumbing that can get really tedious and annoying. We get to take advantage of what’s already there, build on it, and just make the interesting, innovative parts. It’s actually really great. At other jobs, you spend way too much of your time doing the grunt work instead of starting on the interesting stuff.

Video of Kevin

Kevin talks about why he chose Audible
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