Life at Audible

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Our culture center

If you ever took the time to plant yourself at one of Audible’s many strangely-shaped couches and watch, you’d see authors gabbing with customer care agents. You’d hear techs discussing literature with designers, and everyone bantering about last night’s softball game. That’s a big “if”, though, because our people are much too exciting for lounging. They’re making discoveries in technology, and they’re about the important work of bringing audiobooks to the people. That’s why audiobooks are the cultural center of Audible. That’s why if you’re a free thinker, you like to dabble, you’re culturally attuned and just plain curious; this is an environment that will engage you to no end.

An open and inclusive space

The free flow of ideas at Audible begins with a space without offices, walls, and doors. Great ideas come from everywhere – from the clusters of sleek workstations, the fishbowl conference rooms, and our chic dining area. Imaginations soar under the lofty ceilings and industrial-ware. Here, you’ll find that inspiration as boundless as the views of Newark, Manhattan, and beyond. You could get used to this.

One ginormous team

Our CEO and founder, Don Katz, still comes to work every day. He has a cubicle the same as everyone else. He collaborates in meetings. He asks you what you think. That says a lot about the way we work together here at Audible. All our departments come together to solve problems, create solutions, and just have a good time.

Chicken wings, bowling, charity and more

If Audible doesn’t sound like your average sorry-we-had-to-cut-the-coffee-budget Fortune-500 workplace, it’s because it isn’t. We feed our people – with intellectual nourishment, tasty career challenges, and Thai cuisine (or Mexican, Italian, or Indian depending on the week). We figure if you’re going to spend a third of your life anyplace, that place better be pretty darn cool. Our celebrity events,company softball, intra-department soccer grudge matches, and chicken wing eating contests make for an experience that’s full as well as filling.